tree roots that are exploding and becoming bad for trees

Tree Roots

First and foremost a healthy root system is key to a healthy tree. One of the key indicators  of damaged or struggling roots system is

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Conifer Dieback

Conifer Dieback – What causes it? Cypress Canker and Cypress Weevil are both common diseases of Cypress trees (conifer trees) in Australia. They cause conifer

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deadwood cutting by priority trees with two split trees

Are Your Trees Safe?

When does Tree Failure Typically Happen? Tree failure typically occurs during windy and wet weather. In Sydney this is typically during the cooler winter months

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pruning deciduous trees by priority trees with men on crane

Pruning Deciduous Trees

Pruning Deciduous Trees is best done during Winter Winter time is the best time for pruning deciduous trees. Deciduous trees drop their leaves and store

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composting of autumn leaves with pile of tree debris in garden

Composting of Autumn Leaves

Autumn brings with it lots of leaves especially when you have deciduous trees on your property or neighbouring properties. Too often people dispose of them

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two men ontop of crane cutting a tree branch in nice day

New Cherry picker

We have recently purchased a new cherrypicker (EWP) to meet the ever increasing demand from our customers for pruning tall hedges as well as other

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deadwood cutting conducted priority trees with man laying ontop

Safety Training

Priority Trees has recently undergone further staff training. For the safety of all of our climbing arborist we have had some of our staff attend

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