deadwood cutting conducted priority trees with man laying ontop

Safety Training

Priority Trees has recently undergone further staff training. For the safety of all of our climbing arborist we have had some of our staff attend an aerial rescue course. The course focuses on rescuing an injured climber from a tree who is unable to bring themselves safely to the ground. The course teaches specific techniques that need to be carried out competently and quickly if such an event were to occur. The nature of the work our staff carry out on a daily basis is of a higher risk than most industries. We operate chainsaws and chippers, climb trees, fell trees and lots of other activities which involve operating dangerous machinery and or working at heights which requires a high degree of skill and safe work practices. The staff who have recently undertaken this course have been very appreciative of the information they have gained and the added confidence it has given them if a rescue was required. Congratulations to Peter and Daniel.

safety training rope