Pruning Deciduous Trees

pruning deciduous trees by priority trees with men on crane

Pruning Deciduous Trees

Pruning Deciduous Trees is best done during Winter

Winter time is the best time for pruning deciduous trees. Deciduous trees drop their leaves and store their starches in their roots system during winter. When a deciduous tree has lost its leaves it has affectively entered a period of dormancy. Pruning deciduous trees during this period means you are not removing any energy reserves from the tree. This especially important in older trees which have not got the vigour of younger trees.

In most cases there will be a practical and/or aesthetic reasons for pruning deciduous trees. Whether it be to keep limbs at bay, keep feature trees within a defined visual space and stop the larger tree from over-hanging roofs and buildings or the tree is taking away too much light during the summer months. In all cases, pruning adds value to the tree, extending the health and therefore longevity of the tree and assisting in the effectiveness of its growing period as stored energy is then channelled in all the right places.

Types of pruning

There are a number of types of pruning that should be considered during these cooler months;

  • Pruning for Safety
  • Pruning dead and diseased branches
  • Pruning for Light
  • Selective pruning

In any case you want to ensure that pruning is not carried out unnecessarily. A good understanding of how trees grow and behave is key. This understanding will ensure the health of the tree is not compromised when determining the best possible solution. Arborists are people that are trained in this field and have undergone specific training in how to correctly prune trees. It is advisable that you always engage the services of a qualified arborist to prune your trees. Incorrect or poor pruning will not only damaging your tree, but it is almost impossibly in most instances to remedy the damage.

What else should you do?

Whilst your deciduous trees do not have any leaves it is also a good idea to give them a visual check over. Defects that may be hidden by leaves during the growing season may now be visible. If you notice something in your tree that you are not sure about call in an expert to properly assess the tree.