Conifer Dieback

Conifer Dieback

Conifer Dieback – What causes it?

Cypress Canker and Cypress Weevil are both common diseases of Cypress trees (conifer trees) in Australia. They cause conifer dieback of the foliage that is not only unsightly, but can also be harmful to health of the tree and can lead to the death of the tree. Both can be effectively treated, but this is only possible if it is identified at an early stage of its development. Conifer trees are particularly susceptible after heavy rainfall or prolonged dry periods. If you have noticed any change in the appearance of your Conifer trees, or think they are displaying any of the identified symptoms, it is important to contact one of our specialist consultants as soon as possible for diagnosis and effective treatment.

Cypress Canker / Cypress Weevil Symptoms to watch out for:

  • Trees dying back from the top downwards.
  • Individual branches dying back from the tips.
  • Brown patches of dead or partially dead branches.
  • Thin elongated cankers/depressions on the trunk or branches that may be dis-coloured in comparison to healthy wood.
  • Small borer holes on the trunk or branches.
  • Resin oozing or bleeding down the trunk or branches.

dead leaves by priority trees