get ready for a spring with man using chainsaw to cut branch

Get ready for a spring

We are in the middle of winter but before you know it spring will be here again. I have already noticed that some of the deciduous trees are already developing buds and will be getting leaves very shortly again. Winter is the best time to prune deciduous trees so if you were thinking about pruning your trees this is the right time. This is also a good time to get your trees checked and carry out general tree pruning to remove dead branches and make your trees safe before the warmer months when you will be sitting under the trees or the kids are playing back in the garden. Winter also means the sun is lower and therefore there can be more issues with trees causing shading. Some well planned and specific thinning can help to get the sun rays back into your house or garden. This can also help with establishing good growth in your lawn. Come spring you will be back out the garden making some adjustments and changes to the garden. You may have some old stumps that may get in the way of a new planting. Have a look around and get ready before you get those new plants.