diamond python in suburban tree with snake in trees

Diamond Python in Suburban Tree

On very few occasions our arborists and crew are lucky enough to come accross some unusual creatures in trees. On this occasion they found a Diamond Python in a tree of a residential house within Sydney. This snake was in a tree we were pruning within the Kuring-gai Council Shire and blended very well with its surroundings. They have a beautiful pattern and are able to disguise themselves very well in trees and their surroundings due to the pattern of their skin. Unfortunately they are often under threat by cats and dogs as well as people within suburbia. Diamond pythons are non venimous and feed on mice and frogs predominantly and can live in roof spaces were it is warm. As a result when people bait mice or rats these snakes can also fall victim to the poison as they may consume a mouse or rat which has been poisoned. It goes to show that if the environment is suitable such great creatures can be as close as your own back yard