Specialised Tree

At times, trees can be located in difficult to get at places.
Dealing with these types of situations requires specialised techniques and equipment.
Most importantly is the experience – which we have.

At times trees can be located in difficult to get at places or there may be obstacles that pose some difficulty when it comes to removing trees. Dealing with these types of situations requires not only specialised techniques or equipment but also the experience in dealing with these situations. They can often be complex and ensuring proper planning and selection of method used for dealing with these types of trees means the job gets done safely, cost effectively and with minimal impact to your property.

Our experience removing specialised trees has included some of the following jobs & situations:

  • Splitting trees
  • Partially fallen and suspended trees
  • Trees close to overhead power lines
  • Trees over glass roofs
  • Trees where no access is possible
  • Trees in tiered gardens where there is no room to lower anything
  • Trees on the side of cliffs
  • Trees on water front properties
  • Trees on very steep sites with very limited access

Some of the methods and techniques we use to deal with the special types of situations include:

  • Use of crane
  • Use of insulated Cherry Pickers where working near power lines
  • Use of helicopters (cost effective if access is extremely difficult)
  • Use of barges to cart materials off site from water front properties
  • Use of barges to transport truck and chipper to site for processing of materials
  • Setting up flying foxes using ropes to transport materials over top of obstacles
  • Using specilised rigging techniques
  • Using purpose built lowering devices
  • Using winches

No matter how difficult or challenging your situation may seem , more than likely we have had similar situations and have a solution for your needs. We have not had a situation where we have not been able to come up with a solution to get the job done safely. So why not give us a call and give us the challenge of solving your situation as we have done for dozens if not hundreds of clients over the time we have been in operation.

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