Dangerous Trees

Dangerous trees can cause serious damage or even kill.
Don’t take the risk – let Priority Tree’s expert team take care of it for you.

Sometimes trees can become dangerous for a variety of reasons and removal is the only option. This could be attributed to whole range of  reasons including the following:

  • Tree has become unstable
  • Tree has been storm damaged
  • Tree is dead
  • Tree has structural defects which are dangerous
  • Trees have been damaged and are now dangerous
  • Tree may excessive lean
dangerous tree standing on a nice day ready to be cut by tree removal

Due to these trees being dangerous, action should be taken quickly to prevent possible failure or damage to property and to prevent further risk to you, your family and the public. Dangerous tree removal needs be carried out very carefully and by highly skilled professionals. This is definitely not a task you should attempt yourself or get somebody to do who has not got the necessary skills or training. You could not only be putting yourself in danger but also potentially cause substantial damage.

At Priority Tree Services we have first hand helped dozens of our clients deal with dangerous trees over the years. Not only have we got the tools and equipment necessary to undertake these tasks safely we have also have over 18 years of experience. If you know your trees is dangerous please contact us immediately so we can help you make it safe. If you are not sure, have one of our consultants carry out a tree assessment and put your mind at ease.

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