Tree Thinning

Wish you had more light in your home and can’t quite see your million dollar view?
Let us help by thinning the canopy of your trees.

Thinning the canopy of a tree is done for a number of reasons and some of the benefits associated with it include:

  • Increased light
  • Decrease in canopy bulk
  • Reduced canopy weight
  • Improved safety during windy conditions

Thinning is the process of removing smaller branches within the canopy of the tree and is typically done as a percentage of the canopy foliage. Thinning 10%-15% of the canopy is typically all that is required to get a good result.

before and after look of tree trimming by priority trees

The overall shape and size of the tree is maintained when thinning is carried out. Pruning more than 15% can send the tree into shock and it responds by producing suckering growth. This is something that you want to avoid as it is not only unsightly but also defeats the thinning that was carried out. Our consultants based on their experience will be able to advise you what amount of thinning is required. There are certain types of trees that are best not pruned or thinned as the respond by producing suckering growth irrespective of the amount of pruning. Our consultants are well aware of this and let you know if your tree falls into this category.

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