Tree Care Services

Trees, not unlike people, get sick at times and require specialised care to get them back to health.
Let us help you get them thriving again.

Trees not unlike people get sick at times and may require specialised tree care services to get them back to health. When you see signs of your tree not looking 100% it is time to call an expert to determine the cause. There can be variety of reasons that trees get sick and it is critical that early and proper diagnosis is carried out. This is where our Level 5 Arborists have years of experience in this field. You may have trees in your garden that are not looking well or you have concerns about their condition, this is where our tree care service can help. Our arborists will assess your trees and make recommendation. We find that all too often trees are condemned without other options having been considered first.

The tree care services we offer include:

  • Pests and Diseases Diagnosis
  • Tree Care Treatments

Why Us?

At Priority Tree Services our consulting staff have got some of the highest qualifications as well as extensive industry experience. Some of our arborists have worked in other countries and have added experience in exotic and trees from other climates. All this combined ensures that you receive the best possible advice and solution to your situation. If your tree or plants are not looking their best and you have concerns contact us and let us help you get them back to health.

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