Priority Trees prides itself on offering customers the highest quality tree services at an affordable price

Priority Tree Services provide amongst other tree care services, stump grinding, tree removal and tree pruning (sometimes referred to as tree lopping), as well as consultancy by qualified arborists within the Pittwater Council area.

Pittwater Council covers the following suburbs:

  • Avalon
  • Lovett Bay
  • Bayview
  • Mackerel Beach
  • Bilgola
  • Morning Bay
  • Careel Bay
  • Mona Vale
  • Church Point
  • Narrabeen North
  • Clarville
  • Newport
  • Coasters Retreat
  • Palm Beach
  • Elanora Heights
  • Scotland Island
  • Elvina Bay
  • Warriewood
  • Ingleside
  • Whale Beach

Pittwater Councils Tree Preservation Order allows for the following work to be carried out without consent or permission:

  1. Remove a declared noxious weed or tree listed in the exempt species table.
  2. Prune a tree by up to 10% of the foliage area within a period of not less than 12 months since any prior pruning
  3. Remove any tree harbouring fruit fly or grown for its edible frui, except Acmena, Syzigium and Elaeocarpus species.
  4. Tree works of which an order or permit has been issued under the Rural Fires Act 1997.

The Tree Preservation Order exemption list does not apply to the following:

  1. Any tree or shrub, whether endemic, exotic or introduced species larger than 3 metres in height or a canopy spread greater than 5 metres.
  2. Any mangrove irrespective of dimensions or cycad
  3. Pruning a tree by greater than 10% of the foliage area
  4. Removing any tree not otherwise listed in the exempt species table
  5. Substantially altering the soil level around the trunk or within three (3) meters of the trunk of a tree.

Council MAY consider granting consent to remove a tree where:

  1. A tree is diseased or dying,
  2. A tree is causing, or is likely to cause substantial property damage (to houses building etc).
  3. A tree is significantly misshapen or causing substantial overshadowing.

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